The National Institute for Animal Agriculture will hold its second national symposium on antibiotic use in food animals, “A One Health Approach to Antimicrobial Use and Resistance: A Dialogue for a Common Purpose,” on Nov. 13 through 15 in Columbus, Ohio.

“There is a need for sharing of relevant, scientific information and ongoing dialogue among experts within animal agriculture and those within public health,” said symposium co-chair Leah C. Dorman, DVM, director of food programs at the Center for Food and Animal Issues, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. “This symposium promises to deliver the latest research findings and serve as a platform where experts in the field of antimicrobials — public, animal and environmental health — can engage and learn from each other. It’s also where consumers, policy makers and organization leaders, etc., can become armed with the facts presented by these individuals.”


Symposium co-chair Jennifer Koeman, DVM, director of producer and public health for the National Pork Board, said that the 2012 symposium will build upon information and consensus points established from the 2011 symposium that was conducted in Chicago.