Pork is the most popular meat served out of the home, and nine out of 10 people would like to know the style of cooking and type of cut when choosing pork dishes, according to "Eating Out — Pork and Sausages," the latest report from the British Pig Executive.

While pork and pork products remain popular the research clearly identifies that more can be done to increase its use in the foodservice sector. This is particularly relevant at a time when caterers are on the lookout for value-for-money solutions — an area where pig meat excels, according to the British Pig Exchange. “We know that diners enjoy eating pork and sausages out of home," said British Pig Exchange foodservice trade manager Tony Goodger. “Pork choices can also be encouraged by promoting the leanness of the cut, carvery options and, crucially, from where it has been sourced: from local or Quality Assured supply chains, such as Red Tractor.”


A copy of the report can be found here.