Brazilian exports of chicken meat totaled 1.987 million tons between January and June, 3.07 percent higher than the cumulative total (1.928 million tons) in the same period of 2011, according to a survey conducted by the Brazilian Poultry Union, UBABEF. With this result, the export projections of UBABEF for all of 2012 sit at over 4 million tons, but the generated revenue is at US$3.819 billion, 4.51 percent lower than 2011’s US$3.999 billion.

In the monthly comparison, there was a decline in exports. In volume, 307,100 tons shipped in June, 7.28 percent lower compared to the same period in 2011. The reduction in revenue was more pronounced, with a 21.25 percent decrease to US$551.8 million in the first sixth months of 2012. "Some countries imported large volumes in May — the same month Brazilian exports reached a historical record with 374,000 tons," said Francisco Turra, the executive president of UBABEF. "These purchases have influenced the outcome of June, since small stocks formed on the passage of months." Despite the sharp drop in monthly revenue, Turra said that thanks to the exchange rate, growth was 1.6 percent in export revenue. For 2012 overall, this result is even greater, with an increase of 9.4 percent.


According to UBABEF data, Brazil produced 50.04 million broilers in 2011. In terms of egg production, the country produced 632,813 heads of hens of white eggs and 295,421 heads of hens of brown eggs.