Nursery management is critical for healthy, fast-growing pigs, according to Steve Toft, Hubbard Feeds swine specialist, including later weaning and high feed intake.

Three factors in particular — high health, high feed intake and fast growth — go together to improve producers' profits by reducing the cost of feed per pound of grain. In addition, several things can be done to allow pigs to make a smooth transition to the growth-finish phase, according to Hubbard swine specialists:


  • Get pigs on full feed as quickly as possible
  • Provide fresh, clean water at all times
  • Monitor and adjust ventilation to prevent drafts
  • Monitor air quality
  • Continually monitor pigs for any signs of stress or abnormalities
  • Check feeders for proper adjustment
  • Make sure the temperature guideline for the first week in the nursery is an 84-degree set point