Sodrugestvo Group S. A. has integrated all its Brazilian operations into one new entity named Aliança Agricola do Cerrado S.A.

Sodrugestvo owns 61 percent of the company, and Cooperativa dos Agricultores da Regiao de Orlândia owns 39 percent. The new company will focus on its main strengths, including the origination of soybeans in the cerrado region of Brazil for Sodrugestvo’s crushing operations around the globe, the production and distribution of soybean meal and soybean oil for the local market and logistics and storage services. All Sodrugestvo Brazilian and Latin American operations will operate from the new regional headquarters recently opened in Uberlândia (Minas Gerais), where Sodrugestvo already employs 80 people.


“We are extremely happy to welcome a global enterprise the size of Sodrugestvo to Uberlândia, where it has decided to install its Latin American operations,” said Odelmo Leao, mayor of Uberlandia. “This is a strong sign for our city and for Brazilian agriculture to receive such a company and the investments it has made, is making and will continue to be making in our country.”