Shi’an Farm in Kaoshiung City, Taiwan, is importing new equipment to construct the first Asian egg chicken house that will fit European Union standards.

Every mother hen must have at least 750 square centimeters of living space and the rooms must be at least 45 centimeters high. The width of the walking area and the length of the feed bunks also meet European Union standards. There are also egg-laying rooms, claw-rubbing rooms and a designated sleeping area in place of cages.


Manager of Shi’an Farm, Wenfeng Xie, said that the new chicken house will start off holding 120,000 chickens and producing 100,000 eggs per day, but will eventually rise to 500,000 chickens and 400,000 eggs per day. At that rate, said Xie, the facility can produce 140 million or more eggs per year.

The price of the eggs is high, however; a single package can cost around NTD 10–12 (US$0.33–$0.40), which is three to four times as much as the price of normal eggs.