South Africa poultry importers bringing product in from Brazil may get a refund of the temporary tariffs they've been paying for the last six months unless the final duties are imposed by Aug. 10 and exceed the current charges, according to reports.

"If these final duties are not imposed on [Aug. 10], then importers will be refunded their money for the past six months,” said consultant Francois Dubbelman, who is representing the South African Poultry Association. “This will have a bad effect on South Africa’s poultry industry. It will mean importers can continue with what they are doing.” The tariffs were imposed after initial investigations revealed that Brazilian poultry producers were dumping product in South Africa. Brazil filed a dispute against South Africa in June over the anti-dumping measures.


If the final duties exceed the current provisional tariff, importers won’t have to pay the difference, they will only start paying the new higher duty, said Dubbelman. “However, if it is lower than what they currently pay, they will have to be refunded the difference.”