Related research results, chicken production scenarios and intervention options were reviewed with the aim of delivering information for stakeholders on the state of chicken production in Ethiopia. The majority of chickens in Ethiopia are indigenous breeds and the production systems employed are traditional. The sector in Ethiopia is characterised by low performances, insufficient levels of coordination, specialisation, vertical-integration and efficiency. Over the years, poultry populations and per capita consumption of eggs and poultry meat has been declining in the country. This decline is to the contrary of a high demand for poultry products and the growth of the human population.


Various constraints hinder the productivity of chickens in Ethiopia however; there are many opportunities, headway experiences and options that could be implemented to improve the production of chickens. Poultry production is growing more quickly than any of the other major agricultural sectors in the world; therefore this sector will be expected to satisfy the future demands for protein in Ethiopia. It is therefore concluded that all producers should contribute to implementing such headway experiences and options for the improved production of chickens in the country.