The COFCO group has signed a 3.6-billion-RMB contract with Changling County, Jilin province to build a 2-million-pig industrialized facility. 

The group plans to invest 3.6 billion RMB into the Changling plant project, which will cover 1,500 hectares. This project includes the construction of a pig breeding facility, a feed factory, a slaughterhouse, a processing plant and other industrial facilities. After this project reaches its projected scope, it will be able to produce 5 billion RMB worth of pigs; making a profit of 800 million RMB per year and being taxed 35 million RMB per year. This project will add 2,000 more jobs to the local area, bringing an additional 20,000 workers to the county’s pig industry. The county’s pig industry will send 1 million more pigs to the slaughter every year, as well as earning an additional profit of 500 million RMB, according to COFCO.


Changling county and COFCO have been engaged in business talks concerning this project since September 2011. In May 2012, COFCO signed an official agreement with the Songyuan City Government in Beijing, agreeing on the final contract for the project.