Wholesale egg prices in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu have increased eight times since July 21, according to the National Egg Coordination Committee, from the set minimum price of Rs 2.72 (US$0.05) per egg to the current Rs 3.25 (US$0.06) per egg.

The current price represents only the third time it has ever passed the Rs 3 mark. The increases are due to a renewed demand for eggs after the end of Shravan (the austere period; the fifth month of the Hindu year) in north India, or the end of Aadi in Tamil Nadu, said committee chairman P Selvaraj.


But in spite of the increases, farmers are still losing money, according to Tamil Nadu Poultry Farmers Association President R Nallathambi. "The price revision has only reduced the losses suffered by farmers," said Nallathambi. Since traders deduct 25–35 paise towards packing and handling charges, farmers get only around Rs 2.79–2.89 (US$0.05) per egg. "We are incurring losses, as the cost of production is Rs 2.95 per egg," he said.