Tyson Foods Inc. has agreed to donate fresh poultry to Illinois food banks in order to settle an eight-year-long lawsuit claiming the company artificially inflated the retail weight of its poultry, as reported in The Associated Press.

The company, which has denied any wrongdoing, agreed to resolve the matter out of court to avoid additional costs related to the lawsuit.

The case began in 2001 when three individuals claimed that Tyson artificially inflated the weight of poultry products sold between 1997 and 2003 through a cold-water immersion chilling process that resulted in absorption and retention of water under the birds' skin and muscle tissues.


Due to a lack of customers providing proof of their previous purchases, the company agreed to donate the unclaimed compensation funds in the form of 1.7 million pounds of fresh poultry to the Illinois Food Bank Association, according to the article.

Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson was quoted, "We are pleased the outcome will help feed thousands of those in need."