Nepal's small poultry farmers are receiving assistance from the International Finance Corporation to make their businesses more productive through better farm management practices that will increase productivity, reduce costs and improve poultry quality, according to reports.

In cooperation with Avinash Hatchery and Probiotech Industries, the International Finance Corporation hopes to strengthen the technical skills of 3,000 poultry farmers and directly impact 40 percent of the country's industry. “Supporting the development of sustainable agribusiness is a priority for the IFC in South Asia,” said regional sustainable business advisory manager Jeeva A Perumalpillai-Essex. “The project will create opportunities and increase incomes in an industry characterized by small farmers operating at the base of the pyramid.”


A two-day training session has already been held on poultry farming which covered disease management, biosecurity, vaccination, brooding and shed management. The project has completed 88 sessions so far and trained 2,000 poultry farmers.