The Fiji National University's College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is planning to conduct research on the sustainability of poultry production in the country's rural communities.

Fiji is 97 percent self-sufficient in poultry meat and 100 percent self-sufficient in eggs, according to research, and the markets are largely dominated by a few large companies. The poultry industry is held by two broiler companies, Goodman Fielder (60 percent) and Rooster Chicken (40 percent); and the egg market is controlled by Ram Sami and Sons (85 percent), said the college's department of animal science. The companies operate out-grower schemes — small poultry units — to which they provide chicks and feed and then buy back and market the final products.


The industry remains self-sufficient due to a 27 percent duty on imported poultry and eggs, said the department's proposal. Imports of poultry meat amount to about $3 million to $4 million per year, and comprise mainly chicken portions.