The Kurdistan regional government's Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources has announced subsidy plans to support poultry projects in the region, according to reports, allocating IQD 3 billion (US$2.5 million) to encourage an increase in domestic poultry products.

"The Kurdistan Region has 983 animal meat projects, 28 egg hatcheries and eight poultry slaughterhouses, in addition to 13 projects that provide eggs for the hatcheries," said Azad Khoshnaw, media secretary of the directorate of animal resources in the Ministry. He said there is a significant demand for poultry projects in the Kurdish region, especially egg projects, and many investors have already filed bids with the Ministry showing their willingness to open new projects for egg production.


"By the time all these projects reach their production level, the egg production will increase to 700 million eggs per year — just enough for the local consumption," said Khoshnaw.