The International Egg Commission has started to work with the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization as part of World Egg Day. The announcement was made to delegates at the commission’s annual marketing and production conference in London by Julian Madeley, director general of the International Egg Commission.

See video: Watch Julian Madeley explain the initiative in more detail 


Madeley said that the International Egg Commission wants to take World Egg Day into the developing world, to replicate the successes that it has been achieving in wealthier economies since it started in 1996. At the beginning of 2012 an agreement was signed between the two bodies that recognizes the commission as the international voice of the egg industry, and World Egg Day is but one of a number of projects on which the two bodies are working together.

The commission is keen to show the power that eggs can have in developing countries because of the quality of protein that they provide. All claims on the new website have been backed by science and reviewed by the Food and Agriculture Organization, which is now linking to it from its website.