The National Farmers' Union and ABN have partnered to create the Poultry Industry Programme, a training program designed to give young people insight into market influences that impact British poultry meat and egg production, and create new industry leaders for British poultry.

As part of the seven-month initiative, twenty participants will learn about the importance of lobbying and policy development, managing and mitigating risks in feed raw materials, and how planning and bank lending can influence business expansion. They’ll also receive training in media, social media, negotiation skills and a look at market demands from supermarkets and the British consumer.


“I want those involved to take away skills that will add real value to their business and importantly an understanding of what the NFU does for them as poultry producers in the UK and Europe," said National Farmers' Union poultry board member Kinsey Hern. “I hope that some of them will remain involved with the NFU at some level, whether nationally, locally or regionally. You never know we may even produce a future president of the NFU.”

In the long term, it is hoped the program will create a communication network between young producers and the poultry board, to help the National Farmers' Union put in place a succession plan for its poultry board, said organizers.