Poultry meat exports for the first seven months of 2012 reached more than 2.3 million metric tons, valued at $3 billion — an increase of 9 and 18 percent, respectively — from the same period in 2011, according to the most recent trade data released by the Foreign Agricultural Service. Both export quantity and value set all-time records for the same period.

While exports of broiler meat (excluding chicken paws) for July were down approximately 7 percent — at 273,473 metric tons compared to 2011 numbers — export value reached almost $342 million, up 2 percent from 2011. The decline in broiler shipments in July is largely because of decreased shipments to Hong Kong, Georgia, Cuba, Vietnam and South Korea, according to Foreign Agricultural Service reports. Exporters increased shipments to other markets, however, including Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, Taiwan and Ghana, which helped bolster the total. Cumulative broiler meat (excluding paws) exports in the first seven months set export records for quantity and value. More than 1.8 million metric tons were shipped, valued at $2.4 billion, jumping 10 and 23 percent, respectively, from the same period in 2011.

Shipments to Mexico for the first seven months of 2012 grew by 19 percent to 311,068 metric tons, while exports to Russia were more than doubled at 162,964 metric tons. Deliveries to Canada were 93,869 metric tons, up 20 percent, while exports to Angola reached 92,137 metric tons, a 28 percent increase year-on-year. Exports to other important markets were Cuba, 87,814 metric tons, rising 122 percent; Taiwan, 77,626 metric tons, up 18 percent; Iraq (including transshipments via Turkey) 74,604 metric tons, down 4 percent; Hong Kong, 72,065 metric tons, decreasing 46 percent; Kazakhstan, 62,459 metric tons, increasing almost six-fold year-on-year; and China, 47,418 metric tons, up 46 percent.


Egg Exports

For table eggs, exports for July were approximately 9 million dozen valued at $7.9 million, a growth of 46 and 50 percent, respectively, according to the reports. Increased shipments to Hong Kong, Angola, Canada and Mexico were responsible. From January to July, table egg exports were 58 million dozen, valued at $52 million — up 36 and 33 percent year-on-year, respectively. Of the total shipments, 79 percent — or 46.3 million dozen — were shipped to the top five export markets: Hong Kong, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Angola and the Bahamas.

For egg products, July exports were valued at more than $11 million, up 17 percent from July 2011. While the export value to Japan decreased by 29 percent to $1.6 million, exports to the EU-27 increased by almost 73 percent to $1.4 million. Also, exports to Canada and Mexico increased significantly year-over-year.

For more information and statistics on U.S. poultry and eggs, see www.wattagnet.com/marketdata.html.