Gerber Poultry Inc. has announced several leadership changes within the organization.


John Metzger, formerly the chief financial officer, has been appointed the president and CEO. Metzger will oversee the operations of both the Gerber Farm Division Inc. and Gerber Poultry, along with maintaining his role as CFO until the company reaches a need for additional management in the financial sector of its businesses. Glenn Mott has been appointed vice president and chief operating officer. Mott will oversee the operations of Gerber Poultry, the companies’ processing and manufacturing facility, in Kidron. Jonas Miller will be the new vice president of hatchery operations. Ricky Ray, who joined the company's farm division in 2010 as its manager, has been appointed vice president of farm operations. Lisa Shoup will be the new vice president of sales and marketing. Shoup has been with the Gerber operations since 1993, and has grown from a role in customer service to her role in the company as the leader in the sales and marketing development for the farm division.