Bangladesh's government has relaxed its rules for the import of chicken, duck and other poultry eggs, hatching eggs and day-old chicks, in an effort to control rising prices in the domestic market, according to the country's commerce ministry. Importers will no longer need to receive prior permission from the ministry to import such goods.

Chicken egg prices have increased from Tk 32 (US$0.39) per four pieces in mid-August to Tk 42 (US$0.51) per four pieces on September 16. "All other previous conditions related to import of all kinds of eggs will remain in force," said Commerce Secretary Ghulam Hussain. "Businessmen will not be able to import eggs from any bird flu-prone country. The imported eggs will be checked strictly at the customs stations."


Daily demand for eggs across Bangladesh is 20 million, and domestic production stands at 10 million per day, according to data from the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Association.