The U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and the USPOULTRY Foundation have approved a total of $290,762 for eight new research grants at six institutions.

The research funding was approved by the boards of directors of both organizations, based on recommendations from the Foundation Research Advisory Committee. The committee evaluates research proposals to determine their value to the industry, and then makes recommendations to the boards for funding. Committee members are professional specialists from different segments of the poultry and egg industry who represent a variety of disciplines. The latest research grants from each institution include:


  • Development of Campylobacter jejuni Proteins as In Ovo Vaccines for Broiler Chickens — U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service
  • Pilot Study – Colostomy and Urine Collection Protocol for Investigating Potential Inciting Causes of Hen Diuresis Syndrome — Mississippi State University
  • Role of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) in Necrotic Enteritis Development — Auburn University
  • Frequent Application of Litter Amendments in Broiler Houses — University of Delaware
  • Understanding Arkansas IBV Vaccination Failures — University of Georgia
  • Factors Affecting Air Velocity and Heat Removal in Tunnel-Ventilated Broiler Houses — University of Georgia
  • Ultrasonics and Its Synergy for Poultry Water Disinfection — Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Pathotyping of Current Marek's Disease Virus Field Strains and Identification of Sequence Variants to Predict Virulence — U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service