Russia's poultry imports were up 38.7 percent by volume, to 270,500 metric tons, in the first half of 2012 when compared to 2011's 195,000 metric tons, according to reports.

Imports of poultry meat have already doubled compared to the volume initially forecasted by the Russian Union of poultry farmers. Some experts have said there is a risk of production excess in the domestic market in 2013, which may result in a collapse in prices. 


The industry said that it is necessary to establish poultry meat export supplies to maintain a balance. "We need to give clear guidance to businesses throughout the supply chain that the government is aware of how the agri-food market is developing, including through exports," said Alexander Korbut, vice president of the Russian Grain Union. "Exports are not an end in themselves, but they are the mechanism for obtaining high and stable income for the manufacturers. Russia could sell poultry and pork abroad, about 200,000 metric tons annually [for both products]. We can also produce halal products from poultry and beef, which are very interesting for Middle East countries."