UK poultry meat production was 124,400 metric tons in August, up 4.9 percent over August 2011 numbers, according to the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs' latest report.

Of that, 102,600 metric tons were broiler meat, 14,800 metric tons were turkeys, 4,600 metric tons were boiling fowl and 2,400 metric tons were ducks. This brings the UK's total poultry meat production for 2012 to 1.07 million metric tons so far, the majority (886,000 metric tons) of which are broiler meat.


UK broiler chick placings were 3.3 percent higher than August 2011, at 72 million birds, while UK turkey placings were 3.3 percent lower at 2.2 million birds. UK broiler slaughterings were 2.6 percent higher than August 2011 at 68 million birds, and UK turkey slaughterings were 33 percent higher at 1.4 million birds, according to Defra.