November sees the return of the tradeshow EuroTier, and the DLG, organizer of the event, says that it will be bigger than ever. What is billed as the “the world’s top event for animal production” will see at least 2,300 exhibitors from 51 countries gather in the showground November 13–16 in Hanover, Germany. 

The DLG notes that an additional six halls have been given over to the event, which now covers 24 hectares, and over 300 entries for the show’s innovation awards were received up to September. 

Ahead of EuroTier, the DLG released some of the findings from its Trendmonitor survey, which is carried out twice a year. The survey results are based on findings from 3,800 farmers in six European countries and, while there was noticeable variety from country to country, overall, the DLG reports, the outlook is positive. 


Farmers in France and Germany are more confident, those in Poland and the UK are less so. Yet overall, there is an increased desire to invest on farm and, in Germany in particular, 44 percent of investment plans are in animal production. Yet, despite investment plans being highest in the animal sector, confidence is still highest in the crop production sector. Given the ongoing high price of feed this, perhaps, not surprising. 

Given the huge investments that Europe has made in switching out of conventional cages, the appetite of the region’s egg producers to invest may well be satiated. However, there are at least two drivers — one negative and one positive — that ought to be encouraging all animal producers to consider investing. Be it egg, poultry meat or any other meat, production needs to become more efficient to better cope with high input costs, and growing demand.