The publication of Poultry International’s October 2012 World Top Poultry Companies issue coincides with the expansion and new features on WATTAgNet’s Top Poultry Companies database. The October issue of Poultry International contains summaries of information on 300 of the world’s leading poultry producers. To see full information on those 300, plus 500 additional poultry companies, check out Top Poultry Companies online database.

Registration is now required to access the expanded database. In the past we have required registration on a limited number of articles, videos and other data on WATTAgNet. Registration is free, and requires only answering a few simple questions. If you have previously registered on WATTAgNet, simply log in to access the database.


Registration gives you full access to the database and allows you to search it for specific companies, or to search by region or country for lists of top poultry producers in that area. 

More details on how we collected data for the World’s Top Companies database can be found here.