A recent study that called into question the safety of Monsanto's NK603 genetically modified corn did not provide sufficient evidence to reconsider existing safety approvals, according to France's government.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Caen, said rats that fed on the corn were at higher risk of suffering tumors, organ damage and premature death. In response, France's government requested the opinion of the National Agency for Sanitary Safety of Food, Environment and Labor, ANSES, and biotechnology advisory council HCB. Both agencies determined that the study did not demonstrate its findings conclusively.


"On this basis, there is therefore no need to go back on the authorizations issued for the NK603 maize and the Roundup weed killer," they said. The French government has, however, called for an overhaul of EU procedures for approving genetically modified varieties of corn and pesticides, and reaffirmed its ban on growing genetically modified crops.