The DLG awarded one of EuroTier's 2012 silver innovation medals to Dr. Eckel GmbH for the new product AntaPhyt BLT, a combination of natural polyphenol-rich plant ingredients, essential oils and prebiotic active substances developed specifically for the poultry industry.

Positive effects can be achieved on the development of unwanted pathogens, which means a reduction in the use of antibiotics, according to the product's developers. Feed conversion in particular is improved by AntaPhyt BLT, meaning resources can be saved. The results in the area of litter quality show that animal welfare was also considered. "Our development team is especially proud of this award," said Antje Eckel. "This prize is highly regarded in our sector, and it is proof that we are on the right path with our innovation strategy.


EuroTier will take place November 13–16, in Hanover, Germany.