Participating at EuroTier 2012 is about acquiring global knowledge and fresh perspectives, and to further facilitate this exchange of know-how and information, topics for the forums and show specials have been carefully selected to reflect closely the trends the industry is witnessing in the animal production market today and throughout the world.

At EuroTier 2012, the following poultry, pig, dairy and aquaculture presentations feature simultaneous German-English translation:



  • The European egg market one year after the classic cage systems
  • Regional egg marketing — sustainable or just trend hype?
  • Marketing from the perspective of a trading company
  • A mapping of soybean meal and rapeseed meal qualities
  • Securing drinker water quality — foundation for innovative animal health strategies
  • Resource-conserving and nutritionally beneficial feed — soy protein concentrate
  • DLG/IAB Trainee Program — successful recruiting and training of junior staff
  • On-farm training
  • Young DLG — a network for the future
  • Focus on antibiotic use — treading new ground with essential oils
  • FORMI NDF: Salmonella reduction in broilers and layer hens
  • Innovations in Necrotic Enteritis control
  • The future in our hands — feeding for health, different technologies


  • EuroTier special "Wellness in farrowing units"
  • How should piglet nests and piglet nest heating be designed?
  • Pig production in Europe vs. overseas
  • Zearalenone: The contraceptive metabolite for pigs
  • Piglet feeding 2020 — the future begins now
  • Feed enzymes facilitate digestion in pigs (German)
  • Keeping organic pigs successfully – you need to watch the costs!
  • Watching is worthwhile — boosting profits through professional animal observation!


  • Organizing work in dairy cattle barns
  • Current developments in beef production worldwide
  • Birth management for calves
  • More organic milk from grassland — what is feasible?
  • LIVER — Strategies to improve the engine of your cow
  • Costs of milk production in Germany and Europe
  • Practical application of DCAD to manage calcium status of prepartum dairy cows and prevent hypocalcemia
  • — the high-speed source for trends in milk production
  • Drying off without antibiotics


  • "If aquaculture and fisheries had a vote …!"
  • "Pond management meets recirculating technology – profiting from each other!"

EuroTier 2012 will take place November 13–16, in Hanover, Germany.