Israel's government has prevented an egg shortage by agreeing to a 5.5 percent per-egg price increase, raising the price for a carton of one dozen eggs to between NIS 11.76 (US$3.02) and NIS 14.06 (US$3.61), according to reports.

Prior to the increase, consumers paid NIS 11.10 (US$2.85) for medium-sized eggs, NIS 12.25 (US$3.14) for large eggs and NIS 13.40 (US$3.44) for extra large eggs. The Israel Poultry Breeders Association stopped providing eggs to local supermarkets on November 4, saying that high chicken feed pricing were making it too difficult for them to profit at current prices.


The price increase was authorized by Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein, who was asked to rule on the decision by Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Agriculture Minister Orit Noked.