Global poultry demand will be 60pc greater by 2030 compared to 2010, and between foreign growth and domestic growth, Ireland stands to gain considerably from the upswing, according to Rabobank.

The country should focus on the Irish brand, fresh poultry products and added value, said Rabobank in a recent report. In Ireland, poultry is becoming the dominant type of protein consumed, in spite of a decline in overall meat consumption. Increasing imports are expected to challenge domestic suppliers. “The future of the Irish poultry market looks relatively good," said Rabobank. "Ireland will benefit from market growth in general but will need to focus on retail access and look to benefit from UK market access and valuable by-products. In industry terms, Ireland should increase consolidation, adjust its industry to the volatility and improve efficiency in farming and processing.”


The global poultry market will put increased pressure on performance in traditional production countries, according to Nan-Dirk Mulder, associate director of animal protein, food and agribusiness advisory and research with Rabobank. “Increasing globalization in the poultry market means that companies from emerging markets are taking the lead, with Europe taking a back seat," said Mulder. "There will be ongoing growth in the market but with regional differences and a changing competitive landscape, with import competition remaining fierce.”