September U.S. turkey exports of 33,383 metric tons were valued at $58.9 million, up 25.1 and 11.7 percent from September 2011, respectively, thanks largely to increased shipments to China, Philippines, Peru, Benin, Mexico, Canada and Taiwan, according to the latest report from the Foreign Agricultural Service.

Cumulative turkey exports through the third quarter reached 263,487 metric tons valued at $489.4 million, up 15.4 percent in both volume and value. Export quantity and export value set year-on-year records, according to the report.

Exports to Mexico, the top U.S. turkey market, reached 138,006 metric tons valued at $271 million, up 7.5 percent and 6.3 percent year on year, respectively. Shipments to China, the second most important market for U.S. turkey, increased by 10.1 percent to 33,561 metric tons, while export value reached $52.2 million, up 27.9 percent, thanks to increased export prices to the Chinese market. Of the total exports, 76.8 percent (202,241 metric tons) were shipped to the top five markets—Mexico, China, Canada, Philippines and Hong Kong, with Mexico alone accounting for 52.4 percent.

Eggs and egg products

For table eggs, September exports were 17.83 million dozen valued at $18.57 million, up 124.6 percent and 162.7 percent year over year, respectively, thanks largely to increased shipments to Mexico, the EU, Canada and Hong Kong, according to the Foreign Agricultural Service report. 


Cumulative exports of table eggs for the first three quarters of 2012 were 85.44 million dozen valued at $78.55 million, up 43.8 percent and 48.4 percent year on year, respectively. Of the total shipments, 87.2 percent (74.49 million dozen) were shipped to the top five export markets, namely Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and the EU.

For egg products, September exports were $12.89 million, up 5 percent from September 2011. While export value to Japan, the top export market for U.S. egg products, decreased by 42.6 percent to $4.45 million, exports to Mexico jumped to $3.02 million, as compared to $0.2 million in the same month in 2011. Also, exports to the EU and Canada increased significantly, according to the report.

Cumulative exports of egg products for the first nine months of 2012 were $106.30 million, up 15.6 percent year on year. Exports to EU-27 reached $34.95 million, more than doubled from the same period in 2011. Exports to Japan decreased by 29.8 percent to $34.06 million, accounting for 32 percent of U.S. total exports worldwide. While export value to South Korea decreased 13.6 percent year on year, export value to Mexico and Canada increased by 397.5 percent and 12.5 percent, respectively.

Total egg exports (table eggs plus egg products in shell egg equivalent) through the third quarter of 2012 were 195.68 million dozen, up 16.7 percent from the same period of 2011, while export value reached $184.85 million, up 27.6 percent.