A Canadian pig business, BMR Genetics International, which is opening its first nucleus unit in the Ukraine in December, is exhibiting at the international EuroTier event in Hanover, Germany, in the hope of winning even more new business in Eastern Europe.

Richard Stein, president of Stein BMR Genetics International, said he hoped his company could help countries in the region, including Russia and the Ukraine, to improve production and reduce their high mortality rates, for example, with new genetics and modern management expertise, as well as better housing, improved veterinary treatment and nutrition.

Although he has been to EuroTier before, he said he believes the opportunity to attract interest from pig business in the former Communist countries is better now as they start to expand their pig farming activities.


“We are working with partners in the Ukraine at the moment, and I will be managing the new herd as well as setting up new distribution links so that I can eventually sell the genetics across the country," said Stein. “The country has great potential to expand its pig industry, with its current crop production, plenty of labor at reasonable costs and an abundance of land—and I am sure there are similar business opportunities available in other Eastern European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. 

“It’s an exciting time, especially for me, because I have been involved in genetics in Canada since 1966, and this is a great new challenge,” he said.