Poultry farmers in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh have reported significant losses in the wake of decreased prices due to low demand, according to reports, mirroring a countrywide trend.

While the cost of production stands at Rs 60 (US$1.09) per kilogram, farmers are selling live chickens at Rs 43–45 (US$0.43–0.82) per kilogram. “In fact, the prices had fallen to Rs 27 (US$0.49) per kilogram at the farm level some weeks ago," said D. Sudhakar, president of the Andhra Pradesh Poultry Federation. "We expect the demand to pick up in the coming weeks, nudging up prices.’’ At the retail level, prices of dressed chickens are currently at Rs 80 (US$1.46), down from Rs 120 (US$2.19) two months ago.


Andhra Pradesh produces 35 million live birds per month, one-third of India's total production. The poultry industry in the state is estimated at Rs 200 billion (US$3.64 billion).