Jamesway Incubator Company held an open house at their new production facility in the business district of Beijing, China, September 22. Visitors from across China and Malaysia came to walk through the clean, organized aisles and view the production equipment and the incubation systems being readied to ship on Jamesway’s latest order to a local customer.

At the open house, visitors learned that this facility is dedicated to the production of Jamesway’s latest offering in the Single Stage series, known as the Gold Line machine. The Gold Line has been designed in answer to the requirements the Chinese market – a Chinese-made machine with Canadian craftsmanship. Cost savings will be passed on to the customers by supplying welded racks, which require no assembly at the hatchery and local supply of the Gold Line machines to save customers on shipping costs.


During the open house, products such as incubator racks and environmental control units were on display. This facility has been fitted with the latest equipment, such as the newly purchased laminator from Europe, so that Gold Line machines will be made to the exacting standards that are maintained at Jamesway’s main production facility in Cambridge, Canada.

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