UK farming business Bacton Pigs Ltd. has withdrawn its agreement to produce breeding stock and genetics for DanBred International because “economic pressures and external challenges” have forced a change in management policy, according to the company. 

Bacton Pigs plans to downsize operations as a consequence of increasing feed prices, rising input costs and herd health issues. However, a spokesman for the company said he believed that DanAvl genetics (DanBred breeding stock) had a great deal to offer UK pig producers in terms of improved herd performance and sow productivity. UK and Irish herds can still source high-health DanAvl breeding stock from registered herds, and can also obtain semen direct from artificial insemination centers in Denmark.


Peter Marager, business manager for DanBred International in the UK, said the company still had huge potential in the UK. “Herds using our breeding stock have seen definite benefits in terms of productivity and production costs savings," he said. "We have a proven and consistent track record, and we believe there is a place for DanAvl genetics in this market. We are actively seeking further multiplication contracts and hope to expand our market share during the next few years."