The restaurant breakfast category can expect to see positive growth in 2013, with quick service restaurants continuing to lead the way, according to a trends report compiled by the American Egg Board and NPD Group.

Quick service restaurants have increased their share of breakfast overall over the past five years by 8 percent, and quick service restaurant egg breakfast menu items have increased by 20 percent, according to the report. Today almost 85 percent of all breakfasts eaten away from home are consumed at quick service restaurants, and that means that much of the breakfast innovation that is driving consumer eating habits is bubbling up from quick service restaurants. Families are also starting to use these places as family sit-down restaurants, so expect to see more platters, bowls and skillet dishes rising to the top of their menus, said the report.

As the quick service restaurant breakfast boom continues, expect more chains to add fried egg creations to keep customers satisfied with new and innovative breakfast menu items. Fried egg menu items increased 20 percent in 2012 at chains like Dunkin' Donuts, according to the report. Whether at quick service restaurants or casual dining restaurants, plan to see upgraded quality and ingredients paired with eggs like avocados, mushrooms, flavored sausages and upscale cheeses, as well as upgraded preparation techniques like toasted breads and frying eggs.


Food truck menu offerings with eggs will be on the rise as more and more food trucks focus on breakfast as a way to break into the category without competing in the saturated lunch day part. From egg sandwiches on brioche and flatbreads to meat proteins like pork belly and pulled pork being paired with eggs, to crepes, indulgent pancakes (red velvet, maple bacon) and donuts, consumers love the culinary exploration, and so do restaurant chains, who often get their inspiration from these trucks, according to the American Egg Board's report.

Finally, while innovative egg preparations are taking over restaurants, the Board and NPD Group said they predict Americans are going to keep things simple at home when it comes to preparing eggs in 2013. According to Google Trends, hard-boiled eggs, deviled eggs and scrambled eggs are still among the top-searched egg recipes on Google.