The National Farmers' Union's UK Turkeys website has teamed up with Connect Packaging and has launched its Turkeys for Troops campaign which, with the help of the Ministry of Defense, will feed scores of soldiers, past and present, for their Christmas day meal.

Farmers will be delivering their turkeys to Catterick Garrison in Yorkshire, Headley Court in Surrey, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, the Royal Star and Garter in Richmond, and the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, as well as units in Colchester and Edinburgh. It is expected that up to 1,200 dinners will be served as a result. “We are extremely proud of the generosity shown by those turkey producers who have donated towards this campaign," said National Farmers' Union President Peter Kendall. "From the farmers, to the Ministry of Defense and to our packaging partners, there has been nothing but genuine goodwill behind the idea of Turkeys for Troops. We sincerely hope they enjoy tucking into some really fantastic British produce for their Christmas meals.”


The support is well appreciated, according to Lt. Col. Mel Pears, commanding officer of the 15x (NE) Personnel Recovery Unit in Catterick. “It will provide happiness and comfort to each family during what will be a reflective and emotional time," said Pears. "I would like to add my personal thanks to those involved with providing this gift — knowing that people are thinking of our injured troops at this time makes a real difference.”