The price of chicken in Nepal has dropped by Rs 15 (US$0.17) to Rs 185 (US$2.12) per kilogram, which means poultry farmers are getting Rs 135 (US$1.55) per kilogram for live chicken, Rs 10 (US$0.11) per kilogram less than the previous price.

Farmers have said that they have been suffering losses as the revised price of live chicken is now lower than production costs, which currently stand around Rs 150–160 (US$1.72–1.83) per kilogram. "Currently, farmers, hatcheries and feed producers are suffering losses with the fall in chicken prices," said Narayan Hari Khatri, proprietor of Ahsapuri Hatchery. "Amid higher production volume, we have options other than to reduce the price."


Traders in Nepal's capital who used to source chicken from neighboring districts like Dhading, Nuwakot and Kavre are now buying chicken from Tarai districts, mainly from Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Makawanpur. The Tarai districts have been supplying live chicken for Rs 110 (US$1.26) per kilogram.