Kentucky's broiler production in 2012 has declined from 2011's record numbers due to feed costs, but poultry exports hit a record high and accounted for more than 19 percent of production, according to the state's agricultural cash receipts for January through September.

Higher prices in 2012 have partially offset the increased feed costs, reducing the impact on overall production levels, said reports. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has predicted that poultry exports will remain at high levels, leaving less than 80 pounds of chicken per person on the domestic market, which is the lowest level in 10 years. UK agricultural economist Lee Meyer said he believes poultry prices are likely to rise five to 10 percent in 2013.


Kentucky's overall agricultural cash receipts for January through September totaled $3.6 billion, 10 percent higher than 2011’s record level for the same period, according to the USDA. Despite the U.S. drought over the summer and high feed costs, agricultural economists with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture said they foresee 2012’s cash receipts in the state will total $5.3 billion. Net farm income is expected to fall around the high end of $1 billion to $1.5 billion.