Humane Farm Animal Care has announced that all of Safeway's brands of cage-free and organic eggs have earned the Certified Humane designation. Those brands include Lucerne Cage Free, O-Organic and Open Nature eggs. Safeway is the first major retailer in the U.S. to require all of their cage-free and organic egg producers to become Certified Humane.

"Safeway's commitment has been unique and impressive," said Adele Douglass, Humane Farm Animal Care's founder and CEO. "All of their suppliers had to make the changes necessary to become certified. As a result, they have had a major impact on improving the lives of millions of laying hens in the United States. Safeway's leadership is unparalleled within the retail food industry."


Safeway has been working with Humane Farm Animal Care since June 2008, when Michael Talbott, one of the Safeway supplier quality management team members, chose the organization out of several animal welfare certification programs Safeway was considering.