For the third time, herds using ACMC stock have received major awards at Porc D’or ("Golden pig" awards) at a Spanish pig industry ceremony attended by over 600 people in Madrid.

Alfredo Galindo, who runs a 700-sow commercial herd in Castro de Fuentidueña, in the province of Segovia, gained first place and a gold award for achieving a farrowing rate of 92 percent. A nucleus farm, Josvi, with 500 GP and GGP sows, gained third prize with a farrowing rate of 91.28. Both are part of Sat 322, a large-scale 10,000-sow integrated company that produces all its own feed and has a slaughter facility for 40 percent of its production — about 80,000 animals.


The farms involved house their sows in groups having already complied with the EU regulations regarding the partial ban on sow stalls.