Lowering the level of protein -- one of the most expensive raw materials for the future -- is paying off for more broiler producers across Europe, according to James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany.

The practice is showing benefits in the company's market area of 21 countries with economic and bird health advantages for the Cobb500 broiler, Truscott told more than 40 participants at the company's annual pre-Christmas conference in the eastern German town of Dessau.


"Especially in Germany, most of the large integrations are increasing or have already increased significantly the percentage of Cobb," he said. "Broiler producers in Switzerland and Germany are now realizing they can earn a higher profit if they work with the Cobb500, following market leaders in Eastern Europe who already have moved to, or are maintaining, their 100 percent share of the breed. Germany and some other Northern European countries are a bit slower in recognizing this advantage compared with other countries further east, where financial investors already count on the highest profitability and moved to Cobb several years ago. In these countries customers also benefit from the breed’s higher meat yield and so reap double benefits."