One year since the launch of Quantum Blue, its performance benefits have been demonstrated in more than 20 university and commercial trials around the world.

AB Vista introduced Quantum Blue, an enhanced E. Coli phytase specifically developed to destroy phytate, while at the 2012 International Poultry Expo.

Known to be a potent anti-nutrient, phytate is currently costing the global poultry industry over $2 billion per year in lost performance. The concept of destroying phytate for improved performance has been proven with Quantum Blue Superdosing -- a Low Phytate Nutritional Program. A composite of 6 broiler Superdosing trials showed a four-point improvement in body weight corrected feed conversion, the equivalent of a $6-7 savings per ton of feed.


At the 2013 International Poultry Expo in January, attendees can learn more about Quantum Blue Superdosing at the AB Vista Booth. They can also learn about the second International Phytase Summit held December 2012 in Rome, where leading academics discussed the latest findings in the field of phytate and phytase research. Copies of the abstracts from the summit will be available at the AB Vista booth, stand 2239, Hall A of the Georgia World Congress Center.

Expo visitors will also have the chance to enter a prize draw at the AB Vista stand to win an iPad by signing up on, a free online resource for the animal feed industry.