West Liberty Foods LLC's West Liberty, Iowa, facility has successfully achieved "landfill-free" status, according to the company. 


This status was independently verified by NSF International Strategic Registrations Ltd. (NSF‐ ISR) and dated December 13, 2012, meaning that West Liberty Foods achieved their goal of becoming a landfill-free company within one calendar year. The NSF‐ISR verification process was used to ensure that West Liberty Foods could demonstrate the total waste from its West Liberty facility entering the landfill was less than 1 percent. The West Liberty location is the last of the company’s facilities to be verified as landfill free, with the others being in Tremonton, Utah, in March 2012, and Mount Pleasant, Iowa, in July 2012. The company’s combined total waste saved from the landfill annually is now at 7.5 million pounds — or roughly 312 residential dump trucks — which represents waste from over 265,000 households.