British pig breeding company, ACMC is supplying genetically-advanced pigs to a private pig farm in the Republic of Georgia.


ACMC has sent the foundation stock for a new, 1200-sow unit set up by a private company, Kalanda Ltd., near Tbilisi, to meet a hugely under-supplied market for pork and pig meat products. The brand new unit is an investment of over 6 million Euros, and the pig farm will house more than 10 percent of the country’s pig population. 

Initially, the farm is being stocked with 700 AC1 breeding gilts, but 80 grandparent sows and boars are also being supplied for breeding purposes and to expand pig production. Since independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Georgia has suffered an economic downturn following a deterioration of trading links with Russia and it wants to become self-sufficient in pork production. 

“Currently the population of around 4.3 million people consumes just 4 kg of pig meat per head per year,” said Matthew Curtis, ACMC’s managing director. “Feed prices are high, but finishers are currently fetching the equivalent of about £3 per kg, making a slaughter pig worth more than double that in UK.” 

“We believe that ACMC are market leaders in terms of growth rate and feed efficiency due to the shear amount of individual testing that they carry out for feed conversion,” said Soso Murvanidze, general manager of Kalanda.