Brazil’s largest pork market in 2012 was the Ukraine at 138,666 tons and Russia at 127,071 tons.
Brazilian pig meat exports increased 12.60 percent in terms of volume and 4.21 percent in terms of value in 2012, according to the Brazilian Swine Producing and Exporting Industry Association (ABIPECS).

In 2012, the main pig meat market for Brazil was the Ukraine at 138,666 tons, an increase of 124.71 percent compared to 2011. The second largest was Russia at 127,071 tons, an increase by 0.5%. The third buyer was Hong Kong, at 124,702 tons, an increase by 3.88 percent as compared to 2011. In the fourth place was Angola at 45,535 tons, a growth of 20.65 percent; followed by Argentina at 23,387 tons, an increase of 44.36 percent compared to 2011. China imported 3,019 tons in 2012 and 25 tons in 2011.


The Brazilian states that exported the most pork during 2012 were Santa Catarina (207,772 tons), Rio Grande do Sul (174,245 tons), Goias (71,477 tons), Paraná (54,469 tons), Minas Gerais (41,527 tons), Mato Grosso do Sul (17,470 tons), Mato Grosso (11,787 tons) and Sao Paulo (2,730 tons).