The U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and the USPOULTRY Foundation have recognized Dr. James Guy, professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University, as the first recipient of the annual Dr. Charles Beard Research Excellence Award. The award is named for Dr. Charles Beard, former director of the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory and former vice president of research at USPOULTRY.

The USPOULTRY Foundation research advisory committee selected Guy for the award based on his exceptional work on infectious proventriculitis of broilers, a disease which causes inflammation and swelling of the proventriculus, resulting in poor growth and difficulties in processing. During the course of his research, Guy discovered the disease was caused by a new virus, which he characterized and named. He has progressed in his research toward developing a vaccine for the disease.


“Dr. Guy’s research is a great example of how USPOULTRY research funds can be directed to understanding and solving an important problem for the poultry industry," said Dr. Glisson, director of research programs for USPOULTRY. "The quality of Dr. Guy’s research is outstanding, and it is very fitting to see his work recognized by the Dr. Charles Beard Research Excellence Award.” 

The goal of the new Dr. Charles Beard Research Excellence Award is to recognize outstanding completed research projects, funded by USPOULTRY or the USPOULTRY Foundation, which have made a significant positive impact on the poultry industry. As the first recipient of the award, Guy received a $1,500 cash prize, as well as transportation and two nights’ accommodations to the International Production & Processing Expo. The award was presented to him during the International Poultry Scientific Forum meeting by Beard and Dr. John Smith, Fieldale Farms Corporation, and chairman of the Foundation Research Advisory Committee.