Mike Donohue, vice president of Agri Stats, told a crowd January 30 at the 2013 International Production and Processing Expo the ethanol industry, according to his figures, has cost the broiler industry more than $34 billion over the past six years.

Donohue said he took the average live pounds expense, and compared it to the difference in pricing for feed ingredients to get that figure.


Donohue did not figure ethanol’s impact on the turkey, layer, beef, pork or other animal protein industries, but he estimated it would be between $110 billion and $120 billion in damage to the overall livestock industy. He also added you could take that figure and multiply it by about $3.5 to get its impact on overall world animal agriculture during that six year time span.

”It’s been a wonderful thing for farmers in the Midwest in that category, but there are consequences for those of us who are end users, from the decision to feed our cars instead of feed our people,” Donohue said.