Val-Co, a global manufacturer of systems for commercial poultry, pig and egg production, announced their latest nesting product, the flat top community nest, at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Ga.

The flat top community nest will help farmers to meet the needs for their broiler breeder, layer breeder and/or layer birds, according to Sean Francey, a product manager at Val-Co. “This nest has been proven to promote exceptional nest acceptance because its unique design helps birds to feel more comfortable than they have felt in traditional nesting products," said Francey. "It is engineered to be dark, quiet and draft resistant, features that encourage birds to use the nest, helping to produce more eggs and at a higher quality.”

The nest's modular design makes assembly and disassembly for routine maintenance pain-free, and its washable PVC foam board does not provide an environment that harbors bacteria or mites. The thoughtful design features an integrated perch on both sides that can contribute toward adherence with American Humane guidelines and increases bird welfare, in that it gives birds extra space to perch, stretch their wings and relax, according to Val-Co.


The flat top community nest has a 47”-wide opening. Better nest acceptance with a wide, comfortable opening at the proper height, additional perch and floor space on the flat top, and a spacious interior allows the nest to accommodate up to 15 percent more layers in a house than traditional community nest systems. A well-designed nest, in combination with proper management techniques, minimizes eggs lost on the floor, another feature toward maximizing production and profits.

Val-Co can be found at IPPE in Hall B, booth #4323, through January 31.