Quebec City, Canada-based manufacturer Jyga Technologies has signed a collaboration alliance with Kansas State University, where Jyga Technologies will provide its experience on lactating sows feed delivery and data collection to the Kansas State University Swine Teaching and Research farm. The university farm has recently implemented the gestal solo lactating sows feeding system in its farrowing house.

Kansas State University said it is thrilled about this collaboration with the pork industry's leader in lactating sow feeding. "The gestal solo system will allow us to more closely track feed intake patterns for lactating sows and determine how nutrient levels and management procedures influence intake and productivity" said Dr. Mike Tokach with Kansas State University.


For Jyga Technologies, this collaboration is an important step towards a deeper understanding of lactating sows feeding, a crucial segment of pork production. "We are proud to have reached a collaboration agreement with the most recognized educational institution there is, when it comes to swine feeding," said Stephan Clement, vice president of business development for JYGA Technologies. "We're also thrilled to start working with KSU's solid swine research team.