Prime Equipment Group, Inc. announces the launch of their new line of Waterless Skinning equipment for chicken products such as boneless breast butterflies, bone-in thighs and whole legs.

The new Waterless Skinner models eliminate the need for water during the skinning process, reducing water-related operating costs, preserving the quality of skin pieces commonly used in secondary processes.

Offered in 12-, 18- and 24-inch belt widths, these new machines feature an air system for debris ejection and an improved upper belt assembly design with reduced friction bearings for extended parts life.


“We recognize the need to evolve our designs to meet the changing needs of our customers,” said Michael Gasbarro, Chief Executive Officer of Prime Equipment Group. “Product quality and yield are important attributes in the industry. Our goal is to deliver the best skinning results while keeping operating costs to a minimum.”

Prime machines currently in operation can be upgraded to the Waterless configuration and the upgrade can be performed at any facility.